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DATAF was founded in 2010 by F S Mwase as a conduit to uplift farming in his motherland. Having lost his official job of assistant secondary school teacher in Netherlands due to esophageal cancer, Mwase resorted to writing. It was after completing his first novel, LIFE AFTER A DICTATOR, which depicts his military career in Uganda from 1979-1994 that Mwase realized he had to do more for his motherland. After all, Mwase had become a Dutch national, something he was happy with, but not quite whenever he compared living standards in his roots to that of his new home-Netherlands, a tinny land under sea level supplying Europe and beyond with a variety of agricultural products. Since then Mwase has fussed writing and farming into one project. In 2014 he published his second novel DUNIA with CactusRainPublishing in San Tan Valley, Arizona, USA. This year, 2018 Mwase hopes to publish his third book, ECHOES OF MY ROOTS, where he narrates how he saw Uganda after 23 years of exile. It is in this book that Mwase crafts his love and hate for Uganda culture. The completed manuscript awaits endorsement from Kyabazinga for publication because Busoga King is a leading protagonist in Mwase’s new book.
Aim: DATAF is to promote native agric in rural Africa.
Objective: To improve living standards among vulnerable people by providing employment to the youths and improving farm yields in Africa where farming is the feasible option of life.

Who We Are?

DATAF (Dutch Agric To Africa Foundation)is a non government organization based and registered in The Netherlands

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