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Due to limited land DATAF cannot grow all the above crops in the same season. We tried intercropping but these crops proved to us that they cannot grow comfortably well together. With the knowledge we have, which is planting, we abandoned the idea of intercropping this season and decided to grow one crop at a time.
Currently we have chosen to grow maize on a large scale which we indent to offer to government UPE schools in Kamuli District for free. Planted together with this maize is sugarcane. Both crops have proved to us that they can grow comfortably well together. However, experts have warned us of maize spreading an ongoing contagious weevil bug to sugarcane, a plant we are growing for commercial purpose to support us in paying wages for workers and other expenses required to maintain the 10 acre farm.
It is because of this dilemma that we ask those willing to assist us in any way possible do it if DATAF is to achieve its aim of alleviating education, hunger and poverty in Kamuli-Uganda.

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DATAF (Dutch Agric To Africa Foundation)is a non government organization based and registered in The Netherlands

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